Cherish Care Staffing and Caregiving Services
was established to provide specialized care to our clients where they want to be, in the comfort and security of their home. For the past years, we have served the elderly community by providing them with competent caregivers to meet their individual needs. Our commitment to serve continues as we open our doors to Respite Services to cater to children and adults with special needs.Our in-home respite care services focused on children and adults who suffers from AUTISM, ADH, INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY, CELEBRAL PALSY, DOWN SYNDROME, EPILEPSY and other forms of developmental disability.

CHERISH CARE RESPITE SERVICES provides temporary, short term relief for families and care providers of children and adults with special needs. Our services allow the primary care provider to have a time off in giving care and do other things like shopping,groceries, doctor's appointment and most especially,have time for themselves,family and friends. Our services encourage our clients to build their strengths and needs in social interaction with our care providers.

Cherish Care is dedicated to serve with honesty and professional skills. We strive to secure the safety of your loved ones by doing thorough background checks and reviewing references of our care providers.